BCCLS Key Hunt

clue & merlin webLibraries have long been a treasure trove of information, entertainment, and activities for communities. In celebration of shared services and because the scavenger hunt last summer was so popular, BCCLS is hosting a key hunt to encourage you to learn even more about our libraries. Each of the 77 libraries (and the four branches too!) have hidden a key. When you visit a library, be it Demarest or any of the other BCCLS libraries, look for the clue on a special poster. Solve the clue to find the key!
Once you have found the key, bring the password to the front desk to get your entry form stamped. When you collect stamps from ten different BCCLS libraries, you’ll be eligible to enter the raffle. There will be two winners picked from eligible entries – one adult (eighteen and over) and one for those seventeen and under. The prize in each category is an American Express gift card. Collect stamps from twenty-five different libraries and you’ll be entitled to two entries. If you make it to all seventy-seven libraries, you will get a third entry.
Come have fun, explore new libraries, and join us in celebrating all that BCCLS and the Demarest Free Public Library have to offer! Stop by to pick up an entry form today and start hunting!
The Demarest Library clue can be found at the upstairs circulation desk…a certain wizard will help you find your way!