The 2020 election is almost here! We’ve collected some important resources.

If you’re already registered to vote:

You will be sent an absentee ballot. By state order, all active registered voters automatically be mailed a ballot to vote by mail. Ballots will be sent out by October 5. You don’t need to request an absentee ballot.

How will voting work this year?
If you need to register to vote, or have moved:

The deadline to register is Tuesday, October 13. All citizens aged 18 and older on election day (November 3!) are entitled to vote, but you have to register first.

If you’ve moved between counties or states, resubmit a registration form.

If you’ve moved to a new address within your town or moved from one town to another in Bergen County, and have not updated your registration, you can call your municipal clerk (for Demarest that’s Susan Crosman at 201-768-0167 ext. 139) or the Superintendent of Elections at 201-336-6100 to learn how to cast a provisional ballot.

If you’re not sure if you registered:

Can’t remember if you registered? Not sure if your status is active? Look yourself up to find out.

What should I do with my absentee ballot? Where can I find a ballot dropbox?

You can put your ballot in the mail, no postage necessary. It’s recommended that you mail your ballot as soon as possible to ensure it arrives by election day.

You can also place your ballot in a secure ballot drop box. There’s one right outside of Demarest’s borough hall!

You will also have the option of bring your ballot to your designated consolidated polling location on election day, November 3. You can find a list here:

How will I know my ballot was counted?

New Jersey has an online tracking system for vote-by-mail ballots.

What else?

If you want to check what will be on the ballot, who’s running for what, or how to become a poll worker, we recommend this non-partisan website run by the League of Women Voters: