At Home Bingo!

At Home Bingo is over. Thanks for participating!


  • To play, complete five of the categories on the card in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line, or all four of the corner squares.
  • You’ll need a library card – if you don’t have one already, sign up at
  • Any square that starts “Borrow and…” means you must borrow the book, movie, TV series, magazine, or music album from the library, either in physical or digital format.
  • Any square that starts “Read…” can be a book you own – but of course we recommend that you take advantage of the library’s collections!
  • Keep track of what you read, watch, and do! When submitting a completed card, email with your name, library card number, the squares you completed, and proof of completion.
    • For books, movies, magazines, music, TV series, and newspaper articles, tell us the title and author of what you read or watched.
    • If you attended on online program, tell us the name of the program.
    • If you read aloud to someone, recommended a book, or received a recommendation, tell us the title and author of what was recommended or read.
    • If you interacted with us on social media, tell which platform you used.
    • If you practiced a language on Rosetta Stone, tell us which language.
  • You can submit more than one card if you complete a different horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.

Completed cards will be entered into a prize raffle!

How do I…

Attend a live online program?

Check our calendar! Registration for live online programs is required. With the exception of Knitting Club and Adult Book Club, you can register by visiting, clicking on event, and clicking the “Begin Registration” button. (Psst: family programs like Miss Kate’s Zoom Storytime count!)

Borrow a physical book, book on CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray from the library?

Search for the title you’re interested in using the catalog. Place a request. You’ll be notified when the item you requested is ready for curbside pickup.

Borrow an eBook, digital audiobook, digital magazine, or stream music, movies, or a TV show?

We have three services for digital content:

  • hoopla for eBooks, digital audiobooks, music, movies, and TV shows
  • Kanopy for movies and TV shows
  • Libby for eBooks, digital audiobooks, and digital magazines

Need help getting started?

Get a recommendation from a librarian?

With our Book Concierge Service!

Find a cookbook to try out?
Find a book that’s been adapted to a movie or TV series?

Here’s our list of some great books that became movies and TV series. Your choice can be any book that’s become a movie/TV series, whether it’s on that list or not.

Find a book or movie that will help with my New Year’s resolution?

Without knowing your resolution, we can’t be certain, but here are some recommendations for common resolutions. You can always find more books and videos in the catalog, on hoopla, on Kanopy, and on Libby!

Find a poetry, essay, or short story collection?
Find a comic or graphic novel?
Find a Young Adult book to read?
Find a documentary or foreign language film?
Use my library card to access Rosetta Stone?

Find instructions here. Have your library card number ready!

Access The New York Times online through the library?

Follow this link for 72 hour access!

Find the library on social media?

We’re on Facebook and Instagram.