For-Profit Services

Individuals and groups may not use space in the Demarest Free Public Library to provide clients with services for a fee, including tutoring.

Use of the Library’s space is permitted for those who tutor without charging, such as Literacy Volunteers of America (LVA), English as a Second Language (ESL) tutors, etc., but they must register with the Library Director or the Youth Services Librarian. Tutoring is to take place in public areas if space is available.

Children being tutored in the Library are the responsibility of the tutor while on Library property until they are released to a parent or guardian.

Registered non-profit tutors must notify the Library staff upon arrival. Staff will ask anyone else who is observed tutoring a client to cease the activity immediately or to leave the building as such activity is disruptive to other Library patrons. Continued infractions may result in the tutor and/or the client being denied access to the Library facility.

Adopted by the Demarest Library Board of Trustees April 25, 2022.