Patron Conduct

The Board of Trustees of the Demarest Free Public Library have adopted the following Rules of Conduct to ensure a safe and appropriate environment within the Library and on Library premises for all Library patrons, staff and other persons visiting the Library. To this end, all persons using the Libraries’ online or physical resources, spaces or services are expected to conduct themselves according to the Rules of Conduct.

General Rules of Conduct:

  1. Proper attire (shoes, shirts, pants/skirts) must be worn at all times in the Library.
  2. Do not interfere with another’s person’s use of the Library or the staff’s performance of their duties and Library operations.
  3. To protect the privacy of all visitors and staff, filming, photographing, interviewing, or otherwise recording any persons within the Library is prohibited except with the express permission of all individuals being filmed, photographed, interviewed, or otherwise recorded.
  4. Animals, except service animals needed to assist a patron with a disability or an animals involved in Library programming are not allowed inside the Library.
  5. During a health crisis or other public emergency, the Library may request or require that all staff and visitors to the Library follow applicable Executive Orders or guidance from the Demarest Health Department or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, such as wearing a mask that covers one’s mouth and nose.
  6. The Library may limit the number of individuals in the Library at any one time based on an Executive Order or guidance from the Demarest Health Department or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Disruptive activities, including but not limited to the below are prohibited: 

  • Creating unreasonable noise levels such as shouting, loud talking, disruptive conversation and use of audio or electronic devices so others can hear it
  • Smoking, vaping, or the use of chewing tobacco
  • Use, possession, or distribution of any controlled substance, alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs; entering the Library while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Use, possession, or storage of weapons of any kind unless authorized by law; any patron authorized to carry a weapon must notify the Library staff that they are carrying a weapon
  • Lewd and obscene conduct (behaviors and language), inappropriate displays of affection
  • Eating or drinking, except in designated areas
  • Running, jumping, pushing, shoving, throwing objects
  • Damaging, destroying, or mistreating Library property including sitting on tables or countertops and placing feet on tables or chairs
  • Leaving children age 10 or under unattended in the Library and/or leaving any child age 8 or under without supervision by an adult, in violation of the Library’s policy on Unattended Children.
  • Violating the Library’s For-Profit Services policy by providing services for a fee including tutoring.
  • Selling or offering for sale any services or merchandise on the premises of the Library without having first secured express written permission from the Director.
  • Entering non-public areas of the Library without permission from a staff member.
  • Failure to comply with staff instructions regarding any Library policies or procedures.
  • Stealing materials borrowed from, owned by, or in the custody of the Library
  • Threatening or physically harming staff or patrons

Library staff will enforce the above rules. Privileges may be limited or revoked for any violations of the Rules of Conduct. Anyone not complying with a staff member’s request to desist will be told to leave the building for the day. Refusing to leave the Library when requested or directed to do so by Library Staff may result in arrest and prosecution for trespassing. Library personnel shall prepare written documentation of all violations of the Rules of Conduct detailing the person cited for the violation and the time, date, and nature of the violation, and forward such documentation to the Library Director to maintain on file.

Long-term loss (suspension or revocation) of Library privileges shall be determined by the Library Director through written notice, to be delivered in-person within the Library and/or sent by certified mail to the patron’s last known address. Patrons who wish to appeal their loss of privileges may submit a written letter of appeal to the Library Director within ten (10) days of the delivery of the Director’s notice. Written appeals shall be promptly forwarded to the President of the Demarest Free Public Library Board of Trustees, who will convene a committee and make and issue a determination within thirty (30) days. The Committee will consider the specific details, circumstances, and impact of the violation, any prior history of the violator, and any other information the committee deems worthy of its consideration. The Committee shall also consult with the Library’s attorney if it deems appropriate for any particular circumstance. The decision of the President’s Committee is final. Any act constituting a violation of the law will be referred to law enforcement and may result in arrest and prosecution by law enforcement individuals.

Harassment and Lewd Behavior

Patrons and staff of the Demarest Free Public Library have the right to enjoy an environment free from harassment or lewd conduct. Anyone who harasses a staff member or a patron will be asked to leave the Library and a report will be filed with the Library Director. Repeated acts of harassment or acts that may escalate into violent or illegal actions will be reported to the Demarest Police Department. Lewd acts or behavior, offensive language, or excessive personal displays of affection are not appropriate in the Library. Those who engage in minor acts will be given one warning and asked to leave if they do not desist. Serious acts and acts involving minors will be reported to the Demarest Police Department and the Library Director.

Cell Phone Use in the Library

Before entering the library, cell phones should be switched to silent/vibrate mode. Cell phone use in the Library should be kept to a minimum. Phone calls may not be made or taken in designated quiet study areas. If you need to answer or place a call, you may do so in the main reading room or outside. Voices must be kept to a reasonable level so as not to disturb others in the Library or its property.

Adopted by the Demarest Library Board of Trustees July 10, 2023.

Use of Library Telephones

Library telephones are not available for public use with the exception of an emergency situation. In such situations, the staff at the circulation desk may allow a local call to be made, and at their discretion, may monitor the call. Parents and/or guardians must prearrange transportation for their child/children prior to their visit to the Demarest Public Library, as they cannot rely on the Library’s phones to make personal calls.

Adopted by the Demarest Library Board of Trustees May 16, 2022.

Theft of Materials

Suspected theft or vandalism of Library materials will be reported to the Demarest Police Department.

In accordance with N.J.S.A. 2C:20-15, the library shall post at its primary entrances and exits a conspicuous sign to read as follows:
L. 1985, c. 373, s. 4, eff. Nov. 26, 1985.

Adopted by the Demarest Library Board of Trustees July 10, 2023.