Computers, Printing, & WiFi


The library has four PCs available for public use in the adult section, two PCs and two Macs in the teen room, and one Mac in the children’s room. The children’s room computer is for completing homework only and children must register with Miss Chris before using it.

All computers are equipped with Microsoft Office  and Open Office. Children and teen room computers are equipped with FirstClass. Users are expected to work independently and have basic knowledge of computer and internet use.

View our computer use policy here.


WiFi is available throughout the library. (After a several intense brainstorming sessions, we decided on the name “DemarestLibrary” for our WiFi network.) Please be aware that the WiFi is public and unprotected.


Printing is available on all public computers and wirelessly.

  • Black & white: 10 cents a page
  • Color: 25 cents a page

Upon printing, you will be asked to name your print job (this can be any identifier you like) and told the price. Visit the upstairs main desk to make payment and have your print job released. It will print to the photocopier.

Wireless Printing

To print wirelessly, visit You do not need to be connected to the library’s WiFi to submit a document to print.

  1. Upload the file you would like to print.
  2. Select your preferred options: black & white or color, duplex (double-sided) printing, and page range. You will be given an estimated cost of the print job based on your file and selections.
  3. Enter a job name under User Name / Card Number. This can be any identifier you like.
  4. Though optional, we recommend you enter an email address to receive receipt of submission in case you forget the job name you entered.
  5. Click submit.
  6. Visit the upstairs main desk to make payment and have your print job released; it will print to the photocopier.

You can also print an email or attachment by forwarding the email to:

  • for black & white
  • for color

You will be sent a confirmation when your job has been received and the identifier assigned to it.

Print jobs will be held for 24 hours before automatic deletion.


A photocopier is available upstairs for self-serve public use.

  • Black & white: 10 cents a page
  • Color: 25 cents a page

Please make payment at the main desk.


Documents can be scanned at the photocopier upstairs. You will be prompted to enter an email address to which the document will be sent when completed. Scanning is free.

Scanning Film & Photo Negatives

An Epson photo scanner is available for self-serve public use upstairs in the adult section. Scanning is free. If you need to create a very high-quality or specialized document, we recommend using this scanner. A film or slide holder is available for use on request.

The scanned document can be saved to a flash drive or the local computer, or uploaded to a cloud storage service or emailed.