Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone

Learn a language with Rosetta Stone, free with your card! This new resource is provided by the State Library to all New Jerseyans. Thirty languages available, including English.

You can use Rosetta Stone on a computer by following the link below. Enter your library card number (no spaces!) as your patron ID, and then follow the prompts to enter your email, a password, and the language you wish to learn.

You can also use the Rosetta Stone mobile app, but it’s not quite as straightforward. (We’re sorry, we have no control over this – but hey, it’s free!)

To use the Rosetta Stone mobile app through the library:
  1. Open your app store
  2. Search for “Rosetta Stone”
  3. Download the “Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages app (there are other Rosetta Stone apps available, but this is the one you want).
  1. Do NOT launch the app once installed (yes, we know how counterintuitive that is!)
  2. Open your web browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  3. Visit this page (
  4. Click on the link below (but read all the instructions first)

  5. Fill in your library card number (no spaces!) as your Patron ID
  6. On the login screen, enter your email, password and the language you wish to learn
  7. Click “Sign In”
  8. From the landing page, click “Launch Rosetta Stone Foundations”
  9. The Rosetta Stone app will launch automatically
  10. Start learning!

You’ll have to follow that link (also on each time you want to launch Rosetta Stone on your mobile device and practice your new language.