Guggenheim Museum Passes

Guggenheim Museum

The Guggenheim Museum Pass is available to borrow for Demarest residents only. It can be borrowed for 7 days. It can not be renewed or reserved. Museum passes are first-come, first-served.

How to borrow a museum pass:
  1. Call the library when we open on the day you would like to borrow the museum pass and we will tell you if it’s available. (See our hours here.)
  2. Bring your library card and photo ID to the library. We will ask you to read and sign the museum pass policy. The pass will be checked out to your card, just like a book, and you will be given a receipt with the due date.
  3. Present the museum pass when you visit for free admission for you and your guests. (We recommend you bring your library card as well, as museums sometimes ask to see it before accepting the pass.) As you’ll be using the library’s member pass, you do not need to reserve timed tickets in advance.
  4. Return the museum pass to the Demarest Library on or before the due date to avoid late fees – you will be charged $25.00 a day if the pass is overdue! Make sure to return the case we gave you the pass in. Museum passes in their cases can be returned in the bookdrop. Do not return museum passes to another library.
What does the Guggenheim Museum Pass get me?
  • Free admission to the museum for four people
  • If only two people are using the pass, you may skip the line
  • Discounted tickets for all museum programs, including artists’ talks, Works & Process, and live events
  • 10% savings at the Guggenheim Store and restaurants
  • 25% savings at the Guggenheim Store during twice yearly Members’ Shopping Weeks

The Guggenheim offers a digital guide through the Bloomberg Connects App! Learn more and download here.