Automatic Renewals & Unified Lending

Automatic Renewals

Automatic renewals are coming to BCCLS February 14!

Starting Valentine’s Day, any items you have checked out that are eligible for renewal will automatically renew three days before their due date. An item is not eligible for renewal if someone else is waiting for it or if it’s renewals are used up.

Either way, you’ll receive a email and/or text informing you of your new due date or reminding you to return your item.

Unified Lending Periods

BCCLS has adopted a unified lending policy. That means all libraries will lend their items according to the following chart:

Item Type Loan Period Renewals
New DVD & Blu-Ray Movies 1 week 1
All Other DVD & Blu-Rays 2 weeks 2
Music CDs 2 weeks 2
Video Games 2 weeks 2
Magazines 2 weeks 2
New Books 2 weeks 1
Adult, Young Adult, Children’s, and Large Print Books & Audiobooks 4 weeks 2
Children’s Holiday Books 2 weeks 1

*Please note that this policy does not effect special items, like museum passes or summer reading materials. Also be aware that while Demarest books and movies are no longer new after six months, some libraries may keep their items marked as new for up to one year.