Board of Trustee Search

The Demarest Library Board of Trustees is looking for new members!

The Library Board has a few open positions. Interested in being appointed? Please fill out this survey before January 7, 2019 so the current Board can get to know you. The mayor will appoint new members in January 2019.

What does a Library Trustee do?

  • Support growth of library services and advocate for excellence
  • Obey state and federal laws
  • Build board policies and procedures so you can work on behalf
    of the community for needed library services
  • Know the community and its needs to help produce the best
    library service possible
  • Ensure through hiring and evaluating a library director that the
    library has professional guidance and performance
  • Strive to obtain for the library, and for libraries in general,
    satisfactory public financial support
  • Provide a model of exemplary performance of a public body
    functioning as a part of government

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