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We’re Hiring!

Posted: 2/26/21

Position: Bookkeeper

Reports to: Library Director


  • High school diploma and 5 years satisfactory experience, or 
  • College degree and 3 years bookkeeping experience, or
  • Any equivalent combination of training education and experience
  • Prior experience and advanced knowledge of QuickBooks 
  • Experience working with libraries preferred


  • Manages the bookkeeping and financial reporting for Demarest Public Library.  Receives income figures and produces expenditure disbursements by printed checks.
  • Keeps accurate and up-to-date financial reports on all monies received and disbursed by the Library.
  • Receives and prepares invoices and produces vouchers and checks.
  • Maintains a current bill list as reported in the Transaction Report.
  • Maintains current standing order lists and vendor lists.
  • Produces monthly financial reports (Income & Expense vs. Budget, Income & Expense Budget vs. Actuals, Profit & Loss Year-to-Year Comparison, Transaction Report, Petty Cash Statement, Bank Reconciliations, Payroll Reports, Appropriation Report, etc.)
  • Assist the Director for annual audit and state aid report.
  • Reconciles checkbooks and bank statement each month.
  • Works with the Director, Board of Trustee Treasurer, and Budget Committee to produce a budget and adjust reporting as necessary.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Other: Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Library colleagues, Board Treasurer, and Library vendors.

Please email your resume, cover letter and three professional references to Library Director, Parinda Desai, Only qualified candidates will be contacted. No phone calls or visits, please.

Pen Pal Program

Calling all letter writers!

Everyone loves getting mail, and having a pen pal is a fun way to meet someone new. You can share your favorite books, recipes, funny stories, and more and communicate via “snail mail”.

Our Northern Valley Libraries are excited to reinvent this new (old) way to connect!

This program is open to anyone, including children, teens, and adults of all ages. Your pen pal may be from any of the participating towns.

Participating Libraries:

  • Closter
  • Demarest
  • Emerson
  • Harrington Park
  • Haworth
  • Northvale
  • Old Tappan
How does it work? (The short answer)
  1. Sign up here.
  2. Starting March 1, you’ll receive notification that you’ve been matched with a pen pal and that a Pen Pal Kit with all the necessary supplies is ready for you.
  3. Pick up your kit at the library and start writing!
  4. Plan to write 3 letters to your pen pal by April 1.
  5. Drop letters off at the library; we’ll mail them.
  6. After the pandemic is over, we’ll have a Pen Pal Party so you can meet your pen pal in person!
How does it work? (The long version)
  • The registration form will ask you to provide your home address and an email address, but this information will not be shared with your pen pal.
  • Your age group will be asked and your preferred age group for your pen pal. Parent/guardian contact info is required for children to participate.
  • You’ll be given the first name and first initial of your pen pal’s family name, along with the town they live in, and vice versa. (For example, Susan M., Old Tappan. That’s all the information your pen pal will receive about you, too.)
  • Your Pen Pal Kit will include 4 notecards and envelopes and a pen. (We’re only asking you to write 3 letters, but we’re giving you room to make mistakes!) You’ll also get instructions and a “Getting to Know You” sheet you can use to get things started with your pen pal.
  • When you’ve finished a letter, drop it off at the library. We’ll fill in your pen pal’s address, add a stamp, and send it to them.
  • Your pen pal is following the same process, so after a few days, you’ve got mail!
  • If you wish to share personal information like your full name and address with your pen pal, that’s up to you, but the library will not reveal that information.