Curbside Pickup

The library is currently open for curbisde pickup from 9am to 4pm, Monday, Thursday, and Friday and from 9am to 6pm Tuesday and Wednesday. We will return to our previous schedule next week. Learn more here.

On Monday, May 10, and Thursday, May 13, we will not have evening curbside pickup hours as some staff will still be under quarantine. We will continue to offer curbside pickup on those days from 9am to 4pm. We will fully return to our previous schedule on Sunday, May 16.

The library offers curbside pickup! Requested items will be held in bags and either delivered to your car or left outside the Stelfox Street entrance, already checked out to you.

Currently, you must pick up your holds at your home library. If you are unable to visit the library, contact us about housebound delivery.

How does it work?

Step 1, Request

Step 1:

Request items online, by calling us at 201-768-8714, or by emailing us at

Holds are limited to 20 items per household.

Please be aware that it will take longer than usual for holds from other libraries to be ready for pickup, since we are required to quarantine items for 72 hours after they’re delivered.

Not sure what you want? Take advantage of our book concierge service! Click here, fill out the form, and we’ll select some books and authors we think you might like.

Step 2, Notification

Step 2:

When your items are available, you’ll receive a hold notification by email, text message, or phone (whatever preference your account is set to).

Our hours have changed, so make sure you know when curbside pickup is available – see pickup times below.

Step 3, Arrive

Step 3:

Wait on the Stelfox Street side of the library. You can use the meeScan app to let us know you’ve arrived.

If you don’t have a smart phone or don’t want to download the meeScan app, you can also call us at 201-768-8714.

If you don’t have a cell phone: Knock on the Stelfox Street doors. Have something with the name your items are held under (like a driver’s license) ready to hold up to the glass.

Step 4, Enjoy

Step 4:

If you drove to the library: Pop your trunk and a library staff member will place the bag with your items in your car.

If you walked to the library: A staff member will bring your items out to you. Please make sure you’re wearing a face mask.

Enjoy your items! They’re already checked out to you. A slip with due dates will be included in your bag.

Please note: Staff members will not accept returns during pickup; all returns must be made in the bookdrop.

More Information

When can I pick up?

Current curbside pickup hours are as follows:

Mondays9:00am to 8:00pm
Tuesdays9:00am to 6:00pm
Wednesdays9:00am to 6:00pm
Thursdays9:00am to 8:00pm
Fridays9:00am to 4:00pm
Sundays1:00pm to 5:00pm
What can I pick up?
  • All books, audiobooks, movies, magazines, and video games that are available at the Demarest Library.
  • Materials requested from other libraries in the BCCLS system. (Note that you can only request items be sent to your home library, and that lending is at the owning library’s discretion.)
  • BookPage – if you’d like a copy of the latest issue of BookPage, a magazine that provides expert reviews on the latest books, let us know.
  • Craft kits for kids – sign up for emails from Miss Kate to receive updates and register for monthly craft kits. You’ll be able to visit the library and pick up supplies and instructions for age-appropriate crafts for your children.
  • Digital resource guides – if you want to learn how to use hoopla, Kanopy, or Libby, let us know and we’ll include instructions for getting started. You can also email us at or check out our digital services page.
  • A new or replacement library card
    • See info on getting a new or replacement card here.
    • If you registered for a card while the library was closed and want to pick it up, call or email us to make arrangements
    • You must call or email the library in advance to let us know when you’re coming
    • You will need to show proof of your Demarest address (driver’s license, utility bill, etc. Call or email the library if you have questions about acceptable documents)
    • Please wear a mask so staff can speak to you and hand back your proof of address if needed
  • Printouts – you can submit documents you’d like to print through and pick them up during curbside pickup hours. Printouts are 10 cents for each black-and-white page and 25 cents for each color page. You must bring exact change for payment – we cannot provide change from larger denominations at this time. Call the library when you arrive and provide your printing identifier. Learn more about wireless printing here.
Can I pick something up if I go to a library that owns it?

Yes! As of Monday, May 10, you may pick up requested items at any library of your choice. Not all libraries are allowing patrons inside at this time. See which libraries are offering inside service here. Remember to call or check the library’s website before visiting to see their rules for entering the building and their hours. (The phone numbers of all libraries in the BCCLS system can be found here.)

If you’re not comfortable visiting a library to borrow something unavailable at the Demarest Library, you can request it through and it’ll be sent to Demarest for you to pick up.

I have books / other materials I’d like to donate to the library.

The library does not accept donated materials. We appreciate the generosity, but don’t have the space or staff to handle patron donations. Currently, Closter and Englewood Libraries are accepting donations by appointment. Always contact a library before dropping off donations!

Can I go inside the library?

Yes! The library is open for indoor services with limited hours. Learn more here.

How do I know what you give me is clean?

Library staff wear PPE at all times in the library. We are doing everything we can to minimize the possibility of spreading infection, both for your sake and our own! If you’re still concerned, you’re welcome to use alcohol-based disinfectant on plastic surfaces (ie, book and media covers). Please don’t get the pages of books wet! It damages the book and we will have to charge you the replacement cost of anything you’ve damaged.

How can I return library items?

You may return items inside in a designated receptacle during our indoor services hours. Items can still be returned in the bookdrops on the Stelfox Street side of the library 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can expect items to be removed from your card within 24 hours, with the exception of items returned Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, as we’re still closed on Saturdays.

My card is blocked and won’t let me place holds. What do I do?

You can visit us during indoor service hours, call us at 201-768-8714, or email us at We’ll help you figure out what the issue is.

Your card is blocked from placing holds if you have fines of more than $10. At this time, we can only accept payment online, not in person. You can pay your fines with a debit or credit card by logging into your account at, selecting “Fines and Fees”, and following the prompts to pay online. Please be aware that debit/credit card payments have a 50¢ service charge.

I lost my card / I need a library card.

If you lost your card, visit usduring indoor service hours, call us at 201-768-8714, or email us at We’ll issue you a new card that you can pick up during indoor service or curbside pickup hours. You will need to show identification with your name and proof of address to pick up your card. (A driver’s license, utility bill, lease or mortgage statement all work fine. Call the library if you have questions about acceptable documentation.) Please where a face covering while interacting with library staff.

If you never had a card, you can apply for one online at We’ll reach out to you to arrange a time to pick up your new card. You will need to show identification with your name and proof of address to pick up your card. (A driver’s license, utility bill, lease or mortgage statement all work fine. Call the library if you have questions about acceptable documentation.)

Can I borrow a museum pass?

Yes, although you should check the museum’s website to learn how their visiting procedures and hours have been altered by the pandemic. Because of the reservation system in place at most museums, we are extending the three-day lending period on museum passes on a case-by-case basis. Call the library at 201-768-8714 or email us at if you’re interested in borrowing a museum pass.

I want to borrow library items, but I can’t make it to the library.

Call us at 201-768-8714 or email us at Community volunteers will be delivering library materials to the elderly/housebound/immunocompromised. We’ll do our best to make arrangements that work for you.