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Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is an independent organization that reviews and rates thousands of products, from household appliances to electronics to cars. Use your Demarest library card number to search back-issues of Consumer Reports magazine below.


NoveList is a book database designed to help you find your next favorite read. Books are categorized by their genre, pace, tone, writing style, and more – search what appeals to you and find dozens of suggestions. NoveList also has read-alikes for every title based on shared commonalities.

Want to know the secret to finding your next book?

NoveList is a database of books filled with summaries, reviews, read-alikes, and so much more. Think of it as GoodReads built by librarians. Search by genre, reading level, writing style, or type of character. See a guide to NoveList's many search terms here, or check out these search strategies. You can also browse by theme, pace of story, and more! Plus, NoveList has ready-to-go book lists on more than a hundred topics.

Start with a book or author you already like and check out the read-alikes list on the right side of the page. Dive in and find your next favorite book!

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