Welcome to the Teen Advisory Board Page!

Who We Are:

The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) is a group of Demarest resident teens in grades 7-12 who are focused on volunteering their time to collaborate with the library staff and their community to not only achieve the TAB mission goals but to also support overall library programs and initiatives.

Board Members:

  • Kaitlyn Choi (10th Grade) – President
  • Allie Jesner (10th Grade) – Secretary

10th Grade Representatives:

  • Evan Ryu
  • Yahli Levi
  • Ethan Park

9th Grade Representatives:

  • Alexa Brillhart
  • Natalie Khawaja
  • Eden Shaul
  • Arbelle Goldberg
  • Gabriella Infanti

8th Grade Representatives:

  • Amrita Kumar
  • Michaella Ryu
  • Megan Kim
  • Samantha Lee
  • Jun Furukawa
  • Sophie Halper

7th Grade Representatives:

  • Jaden Jang
  • Konner Jiang
  • Dean Kang
  • Sophia Saroufeem

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Demarest Public Library Teen Advisory Board is to encourage and inspire teens to become frequent library users by developing, promoting, and facilitating programs, volunteer opportunities, and overall services for the teen population.


The TAB meets monthly, on the first Sunday of the month, in-person from 2:30-3:00pm in the Teen Room at the Demarest Library and for those who can’t attend in -person, there is also a meeting on that same day via Zoom from 8:00pm – 8:30pm (zoom link will be sent to those interested in attending)

Requirement of TAB Members:

  • Members must in 7-12 grade and either live in or attend school in Demarest
  • Members must attend monthly Sunday meetings, either in-person or via zoom.
  • Members must be willing to attend and participate in TAB events

Interested in becoming a TAB Member?

Contact the TAB at DemarestTAB@gmail.com

Upcoming February TAB Event: (all events located in the Children’s Room at Demarest Library)

Wednesday, February 8th Homework Help/Reading Buddies (ages 5 and up), 3:30-4:30pm

Thursday, February 9th Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt (ages 5 and up), 3:30-4:30pm

Sunday, February 12th TAB Superbowl Pre-Party (ages 12 and up), 1:30-3:00pm

Monday, February 13th Homework Help/Reading Buddies(ages 5 and up), 3:30-4:30pm

Tuesday, February 14th TAB Valentine’s Day Party (ages 5 and up), 3:30-4:30pm

Wednesday, February 15th Homework Help/Reading Buddies (ages 5 and up), 3:30-4:30pm